Marko Feri & Janoš Jurinčič Play Paradisi

Marko Feri & Janoš Jurinčič play Toccata in A major – Allegro by Pietro Domenico Paradisi (1707-1791), arr. for two guitars by Marko Feri. This comes via Jurinčič’s YouTube. Fantastic performancebut this duo filled with great rhythmic energy and a wealth of intricate counterpoint and imitative exchanges. Paradisi, also known as Pietro Domenico Paradies, was an Italian composer and harpsichordist born in Naples, later moved to London, but returned to Italy around 1770.

Here’s a harpsichord performance for context. Keyboard Sonata No. 6 in A Major, Toccata: II. Allegro, played by Elaine Funaro via the album Paradies, P.D.: Harpsichord Sonatas Nos. 1-12. Centaur Records, Inc.

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  1. That is a really nice piece Bradford. Do you know if this is available for solo guitar? Thank’s again and keep up the good work.