Marko Topchii Plays La Catedral by Barrios

Ukrainian classical guitarist Marko Topchii (Facebook, Wiki) plays La Catedral by Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885–1944) at St. Andrew`s Church, Kyiv, Ukraine in Feb. 2021. The recording comes via an Omni Foundation online concert series and Topchii’s Youtube channel. You can watch the entire concert here and learn about the church as well. Fantastic performance by Topchii with very nice contrasts in rhythmic delivery between the movements. I also enjoyed the articulation and heavy trudging Andante Religioso. Top notch. You can also check out his Naxos album.

Movements: Preludio Saudade (0:00), Andante Religioso (2:18), Allegro Solemne (3:55). 


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