Patrik Kleemola performs Etude No. 6 by Klami

Finnish guitarist Patrik Kleemola performs Markku Klami’s Etude No. 6 ’Puro (Stream)’, from Etudes for guitar (2021). Also includes a discussion about the work at the end of the video. This comes via his great Youtube channel. Also check out the rest of the etudes via this playlist for which he’s releasing videos for every Monday. You can find the sheet music here. Excellent playing with all the morphing arpeggios and dynamic range. Here’s his YouTube description of the work.

In ’Puro’, the focus is on a continuous stream of rapid four-note arpeggios, using the classic p-i-m-a right-hand fingering, occasionally expanded further to five-note arpeggios by the use of a hammering left-hand legato. For classical guitarists, the p-i-m-a fingering is one of the most common fingerings for an arpeggio, but is often tricky at first and requires intense practice before becoming perhaps the most natural of all arpeggio techniques. This etude is a great workout for this technique.

Students can practice this etude at a tempo suitable for their current technical level. The goal is to develop the p-i-m-a arpeggio until it can be executed very quickly (while musical changes from one repeating bar to the next are still very gradual). While practising, one might imagine a small stream that keeps moving forward infinitely.

Patrik Kleemola on YouTube

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