Pavel Steidl on Interpreting Music & Segovia

The great Pavel Steidl on Interpreting Music & Segovia. Some nice opinions, he’s right, we need to, at the very least, understand Segovia and his editions before disregarding anything. At least for the works where Segovia worked with the composer and the piece was written for him.

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  1. Yes. Mr. Steidl’s view is mature, clearly the result of both discipline and personal exploration. I particularly like his balance between his account of Andrés Segovia’s valid comment that the music was “written through (him)” and the then disciplined learner of that written music going off to explore, through intuition, his personal experience of the sound and both harmonic and melodic direction of the work, changing fingering perhaps (in my case, with short fingers, unable to reach some of master Segovia´s fingering).