Practicing via Stephen Aron

Nice article about practicing via Stephen Aron Guitar Studio. He gives us context about practicing and also outlines what types of things make up a balanced practice session. Here is the intro paragraph:

Serious students of the guitar generally regard themselves as performers, or at least, future-performers. However, we spend the lion’s share of our time with the guitar not on stage, but in the practice room. We have to. It’s the only way to get there (remember the Carnegie Hall joke). But practicing is a difficult and complicated subject, fraught with opportunities for failure. I often think that what I teach isn’t guitar, but practicing. If I am a really good instructor of this activity, then the students will get better, consistently. If I fail to convey to them what to do in the practice room, then they won’t. We are all students of practicing.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE via Stephen Aron Guitar Studio – Practicing I: What To Do in the Practice Room.

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