The benefits of slow practice via The Strad

Nice article on practicing slowly with some great pros and cons via this article from The Strad . Although this is a simple piece of advice, on a more broad scale the more guitarists listen to the advice of the greater string world the better. Our pedagogy is young in comparison and we should have the same standards as any other instrument. The article is made up up quotes such as this one by world famous bassist Gary Karr (coincidentally from Victoria, I met Gary a few years back when he invited me over to hang out with him and Kazuhito Yamashita).

The most important reason for practising with a metronome is to keep you slow. As string players, we are always engaged in multitasking and if you leave out any of these tasks, the music and technique both suffer. Being able to think of as many tasks as possible is one of the main reasons why it’s important to practise slowly. It is a proven fact that the more tasks you are able to perform at the same time, the quicker you will benefit from the process of osmosis. Because we all have the tendency to play too fast, we need an outside influence to keep us slow. – Gary Karr, The Strad, July 2010.

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