Rene Izquierdo plays Canción y Danza by Antonio Ruiz-Pipó

Rene Izquierdo plays Canción y Danza by Antonio Ruiz Pipó (1934-1997). This comes via Izquierdo’s great YouTube channel. Here he’s playing an Altamira Double Top at Tanner Monagle Studios with post-production by Drew Henderson. Amazing playing by Izquierdo with a beautifully lyrical song followed by a brilliant dance with tight rhythms and articulations. Here’s his description on YouTube:

Virtuoso pianist and composer Antonio Ruiz Pipó was born in Granada, Spain. In his youth he played the guitar a little and this provided him with a working knowledge of the instrument, for which he wrote numerous works. His music is consistently tonal, his treatment and harmonization of his thematic material is sophisticated, and he revels in sharp contrasts of mood and color. This composition was his main legacy for the guitar.

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