Review: De Cascia, Sylvia Model Classical Guitar

De Cascia, Sylvia Model Classical Guitar – I was pleas to get to review this instrument that is a mid-range guitar with lots of bells and whistles. De Cascia is a Montreal based company in connection with Grand Guitar Salon.

In a nutshell: Pretty decent for the price. I’m interested in guitars in this price range as intermediate students can’t always make the jump to a $7000 single-luthier made instrument. Coming in around $2000 Canadian this guitar has all the features of a modern pro instrument. For the money it has all the bells and whistles of a modern classical guitar with lattice bracing, raised fingerboard, arm rest, French polished top, truss rod, and some good volume and response. I thought the bass register was quite heavy and overall a bit muddy. I’ve also had reports from other buyers that the bass was way too heavy. That said, the tone is warm, forgiving, and full sounding. If you value balance over volume and tone there are other choices out there. In this price range I really appreciate the Cordoba C12 for its balance even though it doesn’t keep up to the De Cascia in terms of tone or volume or modern features. My Cordoba C12 review is here. Still good for the money and you won’t find these options on most guitars in this price range.



  • 650mm scale length with 52mm nut width
  • Canadian cedar top
  • All wood lattice braced
  • Indian rosewood back & sides
  • Brace-less arched back
  • African mahogany neck
  • Raised ebony fingerboard, Sound port, Arm rest
  • Der Jung tuning machines
  • Back, sides are lacquered
  • Top is French polish

Here is a video of the excellent Drew Henderson playing this model at the Grand Guitar Salon. This might give you better idea of the sound compared to the bright reflective room that I did the review in.

Photo Gallery: Click to enlarge the images. You can also see more pictures at the De Cascia website.


  1. Bradford, I’ve enjoyed many of your reviews. I do not have many opportunities to test intermediate classical guitars. I’m looking to get a nice guitar and I’m wondering if you would go out on a limb and make a recommendation. first Cordoba C12 or this De Cascia Sylvia? also I see that the De Casicia Sylvia now has a double top. would you recommend this upgrade?


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