Seyoung Park Plays Tedesco


A follow up to the post of the other Youth winner Xu Kun Liu from a few days ago. Seyoung Park Plays Vivo ed energico from Sonata by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968). You can check out more videos from Seyoung Park at her YouTube Channel. I’ve posted videos of Seyoung Park for awhile now, you can see them under her tag. This video is from the GFA YouTube and features Seyoung at the 2014 GFA at Cal State University Fullerton. It was the youth competition, senior division: 1st: John Bogan (USA), 2nd: Grace Sheppard (USA), 3rd: Audra Vigil (USA), 4th: Seh Young Park (South Korea), congrats to all!

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