The German Baroque: Wolff Jakob Lauffensteiner

Theme of this week:  The German Baroque (click to see all posts).

Wolff Jakob Lauffensteiner (1676–1754) is the last composer I’ll feature on this week’s theme of the German Baroque. His music, as his wiki page suggests, is similar to Weiss in many ways. I find similar, in particular, the way the crushed seconds intervals are handled and the consistant bass lines progress. However, there is dance quality in Lauffensteiner that sounds more playful to my ears. Slim pickings for Lauffensteiner on YouTube but Daniel Shoskes has posted a good amount from casual videos in his home. There is also a duet via Schneiderman.

Allemande in D Major by WJ Lauffensteiner for Baroque Lute

Lauffensteiner: Sonata in A Major: V. Tempo di minuetto – Trio

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