The Guitar Works of Yori-Aki Matsudaira


Yori-Aki MatsudairaI was doing some research on post-minimalist composers (if we dare use such defining musical terms) and never knew that Japanese composer Yori-Aki Matsudaira 松平 頼暁 (born 1931) had written guitar works. To my knowledge his father was the composer Yoritsune Matsudaira (松平 頼則 1907-2001) So I thought I would quickly list them here and post a few available videos since I’m doing it already.

If you know of more works by him please leave a comment below.

Solo Guitar Music

  • Undulation [gt](1986) 10′ CD
  • Grating [gt](1999) score

Chamber Music with Guitar

  • Transient ’74 [gt, harmonium, perc] (1974)
  • Spectra [3 amplified-gt] (1979) score
  • Colorization [cl, gt, perc, pf] (1992)
  • Kanon XXIX & VIII (based on the Kanon by SCHOENBERG) [gt, mand, cl, vn, vla, vc] (1997) score
  • Thema & Variations [gt, mand, cl, vn, vla, vc] (1997) 9′ score CD
  • Toki no Koe (2013) for Soprano and Electric guitar

Undulation played by Joseph Perez Mirandilla

Video Link & Source:

Grating played by Gaku Yamada

Toki no Koe (2013) played by Maki Ota & Gaku Yamada


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