Thomas Viloteau Plays Due Canzoni Lidie by Nuccio D’Angelo

Thomas Viloteau performs Due Canzoni Lidie by Italian guitarist and composer Nuccio D’Angelo (b.1955). This comes via Viloteau’s fantastic YouTube channel. Mesmerizing performance and excellent control over the melodic lines and relentless accompaniment figure. Plus some intense textures near the end. This comes from his newest album SUITES (Spotify link), the Due Canzoni Lidie is a two movement piece written by Nuccio D’Angelo in 1984.


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  1. That was great! I have acquaintances who say they like classical guitar because it is so ‘relaxing’. Like it is some kind of background music. This rips through all of that. Very intense, and yes, mesmerizing. That ‘relaxing’ music can be quite good mind you. But sometimes you need a little dissonance and challenge; good for the soul.
    Thanks for putting this to our attention.