Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas by Ponce

Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas (Three Mexican Folksongs) by Manuel Ponce (1882-1948) has three song arrangements: La Pajarera; Por tí mi corazón; and La Valentina. I found this little write-up on the works via Naxos: “Ponce wrote Estrellita, his most beloved song, in 1912; he was inspired, he later claimed, by the clear Mexican sky he observed from a night train between Mexico City and his home in Aguascalientes. The song was published in 1914, but Ponce failed to secure the copyright properly and consequently never received the royalties and financial security it certainly would have provided. He arranged the song for guitar in 1925, about the same time as his settings of the Tres Cancianes Papulares Mexicanas, La Pajarera, Par Ti Mi Carazon, and La Valentina. Segovia performed all four as a group and arranged for the publication of the latter three in 1928.”

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Videos of Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas by Ponce

Nineteen year old American guitarist Olivia Chiang plays La Pajarera from Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas arranged by Manuel Ponce (1882-1948) on a Luigi Locatto guitar. This comes via the excellent Guitar Salon International via their YouTube. Great to see more videos from this amazing young guitarist. I featured her years back when she was sixteen and it’s fun to see the young generation develop via YouTube. This work has some intense left hand chord work along with a melody but she navigates it with clean changes and a well-phrased melody. Chiang is currently studying at USC Thornton Music School with Scott Tennant.

Below is an older recording by John Williams of all three of the Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas.

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