Wooden Soul: Austrian luthier Tobias Braun

Tobias-Braun via his Vimeo channel looks at the work of the Austrian guitar maker Tobias Braun. I like how Braun talks about peoples what it feels like to be in his shop. It’s like stepping into the past! Also, how the soundboard is the soup and the back, sides and neck all spices for the soup! He mentions as well how there is no formula for things like thickness of the wood etc as it all depends on the unique wood and the judgement of the luthier.

This video brings up a point I’ve never thought of, the age of the woods. That is, not the age of when it was cut and dried or how long it sat in the luthier’s shop, but the age of the tree. Over 300 years old, wow, majestic.

Has anyone tried out his guitars before?

Wooden Soul from Carlo Hofmann on Vimeo.

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