No. 19 – Scale Etude (alternating i,m)


No. 19 – Scale Etude (alternating i,m) for Classical Guitar
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For beginner to intermediate classical guitarists
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Adaptation of Giuliani’s Exercise Op. 48, No. 4: This exercise was originally written with legato slur markings. Below it has been rewritten without the slurs to function as a scale etude with alternating i, m fingering. Check the original or online facsimile for the slurs if you prefer extra study.Play with alternating i, m the entire time. Don’t use other fingerings even if they appear easier. Remember, you’re using this as an exercise rather than a concert piece. Therefore, overcome the struggle of the awkward string-crossings and never-ever repeat a finger. Do not add slurs. Aim for a very legato sound with only i, m. Don’t make excuses or let yourself get away with anything non-legato. If a spot is giving you trouble in your legato you need to fix it and connect the notes. When I say legato I mean LEGATO! Think of the human voice or a flute as a model.

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