Anton Baranov Plays Suite Contatos by Bellinati

Russian guitarist Anton Baranov plays Contatos IV and V from Suite Contatos by Brazilian guitarist and composer Paulo Bellinati (b.1950). This comes via his amazing YouTube Channel. Groovy playing by Baranov with an excellent balance of the texture and superb rhythmic drive and articulations. So smooth yet so sharply rhythmic. He’s going to post all of the movements in reverse order so I’ll be adding them as he uploads them. He added this writeup on his YouTube:

Like great Paco de Lucia confirmed that traditional Spanish flamenco can perfectly get together with jazz and other stuff, the Brazilian Paolo Bellinati, who turned his 70s this Oct, proved that classical Spanish guitar fitted with nylon strings is super versatile – the fusion and contemporary jazz suits it as perfectly as classical music does. You can check out hundreds of YouTube versions of Bellinati’s Jongo, the piece which has been written in 1988 and become a pure gem of unstandart guitar repertory since John Williams recorded it in in 90’s. I also highly recommend to watch LAGQ play ‘Baião de Gude’. Here is my modest tribute to maestro – I recorded Bellinati’s suite ‘Conatos’ and gonna publish it here on my channel in reverse order, from the final movement to the first.

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