Baranov and Kukhta Play Adam Darr Duo

Pavel Kukhta and Anton Baranov play Duo Concertant No.4 for two guitars by Adam Darr (1811-1866). I haven’t heard this duo before so I was glad to hear it pop up. Pavel is playing a Antonio Lorca replica built by A. Garcia Ruiz. Baranov is playing a Rene Lacote replica biult by Alex Silantiev.

Here is their Youtube blurb: “Adam Darr (1811 — 1866) – German guitarist, singer, zitherer and composer. He started his musical activities betweine the ages of 12 and 18. Then he has been touring Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Russia as a soloist and chamber player. Darr got back to his native Germany in 1839 and spent much of his time composing and teaching both guitar and zither. Darr’s guitar music is less know today comparing with the works written by his contemporaries such as Coste and Mertz. This video represents his ‘Duo Concertant’ N. 14 for two guitars: I – Adagio II – Allegro moderato. Special thanks to PimaLIVE team for filming us! Check out online guitar course by PIMA.”


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