Augustin Pesnon Plays Notes Indiscrètes by Dyens

Augustin Pesnon plays Notes Indiscrètes by Roland Dyens (1955–2016). This comes via the Paris Guitar Foundation and their amazing YouTube channel. Sound Engineer: Basile Segouin; Guitar: Greg Smallman & Sons 2011; shot in Paris, France. Directed by Dora Surdeau.

Nice little piece with hints of jazz and bluegrass wrapped up in Dyens’ style. Nice to hear Augustin Pesnon who directs most of the PGF Series. Beautifully calm and smooth.

Here’s the YouTube blurb: An unknown composition from Roland Dyens dedicated to his friend Marcel Dadi who died in the tragical Boeing accident in 1996. Notes Indiscrètes (D’après “Nous Trois” de Marcel Dadi).

A word from the composer (extract): “I almost wish I had never written these two homages to Marcel Dadi – at least, not in these sad circumstances. The guitarist Marcel Dadi was on board the Boeing which exploded on July 16, 1996 along the coast of Long Island for reasons which will, undoubtedly, remain shrouded in obscurity. I knew Marcel well, as our paths crossed many times in the course of various concerts and festivals, particularly the Nashville festival (Tennessee), which was for him a sort of musical temple, and to which he invited me several years ago. While our styles were dissimilar, we certainly belonged to the same family – that of guitarists – which is all the more important now he is no longer with us. Marcel knew that I adored his “Nous Trois” and that my arrangement would be one after my own style. The task is now accomplished.” Roland Dyens Ville d’Avray, July 1997

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