Beginner Method: Introduction to the Chord Accompaniment Section

Introduction to the Chord Accompaniment Section – This comes from my free 100 page pdf Classical Guitar Method Volume 1 – Before viewing the lessons and play along videos for each song, take a look at this overview about playing your first chord songs and why chords are important for classical guitar.


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 1:41 – Why do classical guitarists need to play chords?
  • 6:03 – Basic Tips for Practicing?
  • 7:51 – Technique Tips
  • 8:10 – When to start the chord section?
  • 8:43 – How to practice the chord sections and priorities

Here’s the YouTube link if you want to watch the lesson there.


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  1. To ask, “Why should a classical guitarist be able to play chords?” is just like a popular music player saying, “Why should I learn how to read music?”