Cecilio Perera Plays Dowland

Cecilio Perera plays Lachrimæ Pavane (Flow my Tears) by John Dowland (1563-1626) on a replica Renaissance lute made by Renatus Lechner. Recorded in Salzburg, Austria. This comes via his YouTube channel. I love Dowland and Elizabethan music in general. Lachrimæ, or Seven Tears is part of a set of variations on a theme by Dowland outlining different types of tears. The title page of Lachrimæ has the Latin epigram: “Aut Furit, aut Lachrimat, quem non Fortuna beavit” (He whom Fortune has not blessed either rages or weeps). Perera has a nice flowing pulse and arched phrasing here. Plus, that ominous statue! It’s called Pietà (Coat of Peace) in Salzburg by the cathedral, part of a series of numerous depictions of a faceless figure hooded and shrouded in cloth, Cloak of Conscience by Prague artist Anna Chromý.

Dowland sheet music on the site so far

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