Dowland by Michael Butten

DOWLAND – Michael Butten

Dowland by Michael Butten 
First Hand Records, 2019

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I was very pleased to receive a copy of Michael Button’s new release of works by Elizabethan composer and lutenist John Dowland (1563-1626). Dowland is one of my favourite composers and we are very lucky to be able to play his music which works well on the modern guitar. There are plenty of excellent recordings of Dowland on lute but on guitar Dowland often gets designated as an opening act or prelude to other repertoire so it’s great to see an entire album dedicated to him. Once I start hearing Dowland I don’t want it stop or switch to another era or composer so this is an album to listen to from start to finish.

Dowland by Michael Butten is filled with a wonderful array of Elizabethan lute works ranging from tearful sorrow to joyful bounce. Butten showcases beautiful articulations, phrasing, and sweet resonant tone colours throughout. A sensitive touch on the instrument and rhythmic energy to match, this is an excellent interpretation of Dowland’s works.

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Repertoire List

1. Preludium
2. A Fancy in E minor
3. Lord Strang’s March
4. Lachrimae Pavan
5. The Frog Galliard
6. Fantasy in E major
7. Sir John Smith’s Almain
8. Can She Excuse?
9. Forlorne Hope Fancy
10. Lady Clifton’s Spirit
11. Mrs White’s Thing
12. Mrs White’s Nothing
13. Tremolo Fancy
14. Loth to Depart
15. Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
16. Mrs Winters Jump
17. Fancy in B minor
18. Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard
19. The Shoemaker’s Wife
20. Farewell

Recorded at Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Hertfordshire, UK, 30 October – 1 November 2016
Engineered and produced by John Taylor
24bit, 96kHz hi-resolution recording and mastering
Photos taken by Timothy Ellis
Artwork by David Murphy (FHR)
Booklet notes by Graham Wade

Dowland Sheet Music and Lessons

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