Five Classical Guitar Supports: Ergoplay, Gitano, Oasis, Dynarette Cushion, Mutara

An update to a previous article review numerous guitar supports:

See the above link for more info and other guitar supports as well.

Video Link:


  1. After reading the previous article I purchased a Dynarette (sm). I like it much better than a footstool, but when I showed it to my teacher he went into his bag and said.. “have you tried one like this”? He said it was called a Guitar Right (rite/write?) It’s sort of like an Ergoplay. I liked it a lot!

    Anyways… I then placed an order for a Tenuto… Canada Post is still storing it for me 🙂

    Disclaimer… I am a rank beginner

    • The Tenuto arrived yesterday. It looks VERY secure with 4 large clear suction cups.
      It’s very small and light, and folds up in it’s own little velvet bag.
      After 1 day, I’s say that I prefer it to the Dynarette which I felt was in danger of slipping off.

      • Yes, I really look forward to trying the Tenuto out. Four is better than one, two, or three suction cups.

        • One negative thing about it.. I’m going to contact Tenuto.. the fabric strap is quite slippery and it tends to slide towards my knee.

          • I contacted Tenuto and Helmut replied that they had had one other customer comment about the slipperiness. He told me that they had tested a “rubbery” material and he sent me a patch. It seems to be an excellent solution.

            Brad, is there any way to attach an image file to these posts?

  2. Two more guitar supports that are worth a look-see are the Neck Up (Muriel Anderson’s favorite),, and another, the Guitarest, – I’ve tried almost all those mentioned plus these two as well. For me simple is better. I like several of them but it is a very personal choice so try any out that you think you might like. Thanks for this video!

  3. I solved the puzzle of Dynarette slipping off the leg by putting a Velcro combo of about 2″ square on guitar and on the pillow in the right position after testing and marking the ideal spots. Now the pillow is attached to the guitar (or is the guitar attached to the pillow?) for a stable position. It can be easily pulled off when needed.

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