Free Method Lesson: Leyenda Theme, Chromatic Scale, Greensleeves

Free Method Book – Beginner Video Lessons for Guitar
Leyenda or Asturias Theme by Albeniz
Chromatic Position Scale
Greensleeves Melody

Free PDF Method Book & Lesson List: Classical Guitar Method Vol. 1
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Some more beginner pieces for classical guitar from my method. These lessons are for students who have learned their first position notes and accidental (sharps & flats). Make sure you’ve covered the previous lessons first. Find the rest of the video lessons here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.


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  1. A query about right hand fingering in Greensleeves, but could apply to other pieces too.
    If I alternate i and m strictly, I end up beginning a repeated phrase with i the first time, and with m the second time.
    e.g. playing the first note (A) with i, then the same note (A) on the third beat of line 2 bar 2, with m.
    Would it be better to replace an i or m by p or a (e..g in line 2 bar 1 and first note of line 2 bar 2) somewhere to make sure identical phrases / bars always begin with the same finger; or is it better to keep strictly to alternating i and m, and to learn to play identical phrases / bars beginning with either i or m?

    • At the beginner level, alternating fingering is very important so any effort you can put into it is great. After a phase when there is time it is generally ok to repeat a finger to start on a desired finger. However, for these simple melodies try to alternate even across phrases just for practice. Don’t stress about it though, once you start a more intermediate level technique regime you’ll solidify all the techniques you need.

    • Good question. Well, technically speaking I am alternating p-m-p-m the entire time. That said, yes it would also be very acceptable to alternate p-i-p-m throughout. Because of the intervening p and the general easy nature of the piece, the repetition here is acceptable.