Free Method Lesson: Beginner Etudes No. 5, 6, 7, 8

Free Method Book Video Lessons
Beginner Etudes (Melody with Open Bass Accompaniment)
No. 5 – Waltz
No. 6 – Allegro
No. 7 – The Lonely Dogwood
No. 8 – Prelude

Free PDF Method Book & Lesson List: Classical Guitar Method Vol. 1
Youtube Video Link (4k Quality)

These pieces cover melodies with open bass string accompaniment and arpeggios. The main goal is sit and hold the hand properly and learn to present music from start to finish. Various other skills are also discussed. Make sure you’ve covered the previous lessons first. Find the rest of the video lessons here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.

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  1. Hello.

    I usually play along with a metronome. Whats’ your thoughts on that?
    Also at what speed would you consider a beginner should handle? I understand it’s different for different songs, but take Etude 6 & 7 for example

  2. Hi Bradford,

    Is there a missprint on page 40 ; etude number 6 on 3rd row? It starts with Index although on 2nd row the melody finishes also with Index. You advice not to repeat the fingers for the melody.

    I asked also on Youtube – I don’t know if you still read comments on old videos.

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