Hanna Link plays Ivanov-Kramskoi

Hanna Link plays ПОРЬІВ (Pariv) by Aleksandr Ivanov-Kramskoi, in Russian: Александр Михайлович Иванов-Крамской (1912–1973). This comes via Link’s great YouTube channel. Great performance by Link with unrelenting determination in the A section and some very musical phrasing for the inner section. Ivanov-Kramskoi was a Russian classical guitarist, conductor, and more. I’d be curious to know where we can track down more of his music. My best bet would be Orphee’s 10 volume Russian Collection. Also, check out Link’s great album (see below). Here’s what she posted about the work on YouTube.

“Here is a very stirring piece by the nearly unknown composer Aleksandr Ivanov-Kramskoi (1912-1973). He was a Soviet guitarist who studied in Moscow with the former student of Andrés Segovia, Piotr Agafoshin. Later he also studied composition and conducting. He wrote copious amounts of works for the guitar, even a guitar concerto, and his compositions include many folkloristic elements. The title ПОРЬІВ (Pariv) can be translated as breakthrough, wind gust or (inner) impulse. Ivanov-Kramskoi articulated this vividly. In the middle section there is a short calm before the wind picks up again. You can find this piece on my solo CD „Serenade“, which you can by on my homepage, Amazon and iTunes.”

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