Weimar Guitar Quartet Play Nebulae by Olga Amelkina-Vera

Weimar Guitar Quartet playing Nebulae by Belorusian composer Olga Amelkina-Vera. The quartet is made up of Karmen StendlerStephanie Jones, Hanna Link, and Jakob Schmidt. This comes via Stendler’s YouTube channel or Jones’s Youtube. Great playing by this super group of young artists. I really enjoy their quartet playing and specifically share these videos with my younger students for inspiration. Some composer info via Jones’s Youtube, Amelkina-Vera comments: “I wanted to write a guitar ensemble piece that used some elements of minimalism, but would not be strictly minimalistic. Since I am fascinated by all things about space, I chose Nebulae as an evocative title which reflects the nebulous effect of multiple superimposed guitar ostinatos.”

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