Karmen Štendler plays Divagazioni by Decorti

Slovenian guitarist Karmen Štendler plays Divagazioni by Italian composer Claudio Decorti (1936-2018) who dedicated the work to her shortly before his passing. This comes via Štendler’s YouTube Channel with recording by the amazing Uros Baric at Baros Records in Slovenia. As she mentions, “Divagazioni is the Italian word for ‘ramblings’. The piece consists of melodic phrases wandering in different directions, captured in a distinct ABA structure, where the middle part is a waltz in E Major contrasting the minor A sections.” Beautiful playing as usual by Štendler. Excellent pacing and expression without overindulging which could be easy here. Also check out my other featured posts of her or my tag of her work with the Weimar Quartet here on the site. 

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  1. A mellifluous, intimate sound palette, reminiscent of the Dutch guitarist Susanne Mebes…