John Schneiderman Plays Vysotsky Works

John Schneiderman plays works by Russian composer Mikhail Timofeyevich Vysotsky (c.1791–1837) on a 7-string Russian quart guitar (or 11 with basses). This comes via Schneiderman’s YouTube channel. You can find more videos Schneiderman playing of Vysotsky works on his video uploads. Schneiderman is a great player and always exposing us to new historical repertoire. It’s so great to have pros now just uploading stuff as they work on it so we get maximum exposure to repertoire and special projects. You might also be interested in The Russian Guitar, a 7 CD box set of Russian music including performances by Schneiderman and Oleg Timofeyev. Here’s what he said about these works:

I have been exploring the Russian guitar music of Mikhail Vysotsky recently. His works are almost exclusively theme and variations. I have chosen twenty-one pieces to work on and my colleague Oleg Timofeyev (the world’s leading authority on the Russian guitar) has kindly been coaching me. These are all works in progress and I decided to video some of my attempts.

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