Kanahi Yamashita Plays Quatre Pièces Brèves by Martin

Kanahi Yamashita plays Quatre Pièces Brèves by Frank Martin (1890–1974). This comes via her YouTube channel. The four movements are: I. Prelude; II. Air; III. Plainte; IV. Comme une Gigue. Still one of my favourite pieces with a tasteful mix of the serialism of the day but with Martin’s lyricism and colour. Amazing playing by Kanahi Yamashita. Some really nice contrasts between soft lyrical phrasing and strict angular playing. Her wide range of musicality but refined performance skills are brilliant. Since her childhood in Nagasaki, Japan, Kanahi Yamashita was a member of the amazing Yamashita Family Quintet. I had the pleasure of meeting both Kazuhito and Kanahi Yamashita a few years back when I hosted his masterclass in Victoria. Amazing family.

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