Mateusz Kowalski Plays Schubert

Polish guitarist Mateusz Kowalski plays Moment musicaux in F minor D. 780 No. 3 (Op. 94 No. 3) by Franz Schubert (1787–1828). This comes via his high quality Youtube Channel (go subscribe). Excellent articulations in the accompaniment and beautiful melodic emphasis, looking forward to hearing more from Kowalski. Check out his new album on Naxos Direct or Amazon coming out this September.

Great arrangement of this work, originally for piano. As Kowalski’s YouTube explains, No.3 “has remained one of the most popular music pieces since the 1920s. Many transcriptions of it were created and the guitar version, with some deviations from the original, was also developed by Francisco Tárrega (D minor). Mateusz Kowalski decided to prepare and present his own transcription, in terms of the course of the melodic line, faithful to the piano prototype. This is the first record of this version.”

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