Method Book Lesson: Malagueñas for Guitar

Method Book Lesson: Malagueñas for Guitar
The malagueña is a style of flamenco music derived from earlier types of the fandango. It is often improvised upon and is generally free in its rhythmic interpretation (cante libre). The arrow indicates a strum of the chord (rasgueado) with the fingernail of the i finger.

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  1. Am I correct the your method book has a G sharp in the fourth measure of line one in Malagueña but you play G in your video?
    Likewise in the fourth measure of lines 2 and 6.
    The G# makes it sound interesting but I think I recognize the piece as you play is with a G in those places.
    If this is a copy error maybe you could point it out for future students.
    I this is my error please let me know. Thanks I appreciate all the excellent lessons.

    • Hi, I think maybe you are mixing up the symbol for sharps and naturals. Please review the symbols on the top of page 66. The natural symbol indicates the regular G and the sharp symbol indicates G sharp. Does that make sense?

    • Either fingering can work just fine. My choice is partly for variety but also because the bass notes in Leyenda are fairly far away and therefore the m finger is closer to that string. But as I said, either finger does work but I’d like students to be able to do both for practice.