Free Method Lesson: Etude No. 10, 11, Dotted Quarter Notes, Little Birch Tree

Free Method Book – Beginner Video Lessons for Guitar
Etude No. 10 – The Swan
Etude No. 11 – The Old Douglas Fir
Dotted Quarter Note Lesson
Во поле березка стояла (Little Birch Tree in the Field) – Russian Folk Song

Free PDF Method Book & Lesson List: Classical Guitar Method Vol. 1
Youtube Video Link (4k Quality)

Some more beginner pieces for classical guitar from my method. Thanks to Natasha for suggesting the Russian song! This is the first two-voice pieces in the book. Make sure you’ve covered the previous lessons first. Find the rest of the video lessons here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.


  1. Do you have any advice for playing legato when you are going from an open string to a fretted note (e.g., open B string then to a C, in first position). I find that the second note cuts off the first note too abruptly. If I try to apply my finger to the fret “gently” I get an unpleasant buzzing sound as the note is choked off. I’m guessing a hammer-on is not appropriate. Is it just a matter of practice, or is there a specific way to approach this?

    • It could be an synchronization issue between the two hands (either hand could be hitting the string too early). However, sometimes beginners end up hearing something and then it’s all they can hear. I would just work past it and see if the issue doesn’t just clear up on it’s own with more playing. Often, there are ‘other fish to fry’ so to speak…

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