Microtonal Guitar (Fixed Fret) by Tolgahan Çoğulu


A great demo by Tolgahan Çoğulu. Great playing too. I’ve only dabbled with microtonal music but having a fixed fret guitar would really help the process. However, depending on the composer or style of music you might need many different instruments if you have a wide variety of tunings. Anyway, pretty awesome.

Video: Maria Luisa Gambale
Recording: Dinçer Demirci at Studio Drum&Bass Istanbul.

I’d like to thank Maria Luisa Gambale for this great video, Dinçer Demirci for the recording, Erdem Şimşek for answering my makam-based questions, Briken Aliu for the microtonal fretboards and Ozan Yarman & Ricardo Moyano for the great arrangements.

Video & Quote Source: http://youtu.be/iRsSjh5TTqI


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  1. It’s very interesting.Most of the time we hear equal temperament,so at first it sounds “false”,but as my ears got used to these tunings it’s changing.Even the scale sounded much better the second time (the reverse version),though it was a very short time to accommodate.

  2. Lorraine, I think the issue is sustain. One will not get the sustain or clarity from the notes with a fretless, as the finger’s soft flesh creates a muting effect. The Oud does have a fretless fingerboard, and is a precursor of the guitar, and if can get a hold of one, I think you will see what is intended by this new invention. He does explain in this video that he wanted to preserve the sound of the classical guitar, even using this highly advanced, complex system.Hope these remarks help.

  3. This is very interesting, but I wonder, if the microtone is so complex like the 2nd one, how about simply use a fretless guitar? Then you can put your fingers anywhere you want?