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Barnett Guitar Support

Barnett Guitar Supports

Say goodbye to suction cups or clamps! This guitar support uses magnets to keep your guitar support in place. It is well worth the $96 price as the product quality is fantastic (if you watch the video, I think I say “fantastic” more than ten times). The Barnett Guitar Support has so many well thought-out aspects from a design perspective that I have little to criticize, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Hopefully the magnets never detach from the adhesive as it would bounce around in your guitar. If you own multiple guitars you can buy extra magnets to install so you can switch the support from guitar to guitar.  However, that would never happen when the guitar support is attached so it seems 100% safe for performance situations.

This is the best guitar support on the market.

Comes in a standard and short model. Standard: Maximum height: 7″ (from leg rest to bottom of guitar), Minimum height: 4.75″ Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Pros: It will not come off in performance. Clean and beautiful aesthetic. Ergonomic sitting position (saves your back). Very adjustable. Great design and build quality. The cork will not damage your finish. It is generally cooler than the other guitar supports out there.

Cons: Maybe the adhesive thing. You might have to bit careful when placing and removing the support but you should with any product near your guitar. Otherwise, none that I can see.

Update: check out this video where they test the adhesive in a paint mixing machine! Works amazing. They are rated for two pounds which should be more than enough.  

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  1. I’ve had this support since it was available. Also have a Barnett guitar with the magnetic arm rest, so I am used to it kind of…That said, I love this support. I have been a traditional foot stool person, didn’t care for the new supports, but this works very well for me. Little pricey, but it is a quality product. Kris Barnett does great work and I feel confident purchasing his products. I also purchased a second set of internal magnets for a second guitar and it’s great being able to use the support on two different instruments.

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