Review: Tenuto Guitar Support vs Gitano

Tenuto (left) & Gitano (right) Guitar Support
Tenuto (left) & Gitano (right) Guitar Support

Tenuto Guitar Support vs Gitano

Here’s a brief review of these two excellent products with slight differences. I’ve use the Gitano a ton but the Tenuto is just as good. I don’t perform with either, but I teach and practice with them to save my back. Here are links to the products mentioned in the video:

My Review of multiple guitar supports and rests – Ergoplay, Barnett, Gitano, Tenuto, Oasis, Murata, Dynarette, +more.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the screw on the Tenuto (see above picture) lets you adjust the angle of the two metal plates, another plus.


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  1. Brad, do you know of anyone who has modified the Gitano to make the metal part that achieves the ‘lift’ shorter? I really like it over using a stool, but I’m only 5 feet tall and it seems even at the closest position to the waist of the guitar to lift too high for me. I ordered the Tenuto to try that one also since the strap was adjustable, and I haven’t received it yet, but I’m not sure if it will be any different. I thought about getting the child’s Tappert, which I think has a shorter lift, but I really like how compact the Gitano is and that it can fit in your guitar case. I feel like I just want to take a hacksaw and cut the metal part shorter, then use duct tape to tape the fabric part back on (it doesn’ t look like the original design is much more than that anyway)!
    Thanks, Pat

      • Thanks for the response, Brad. I have seen the magnetic ones, and I like the idea of the security, but not sure they would adjust low enough for me- my real problem is that once opened, even at the closest to the guitar’s waist, it still lifts too high for me. The magnetic ones also don’t look at portable as the Gitano. I see why you like it so much. I’ve been using it a bit and it hasn’t really slipped much at all. I’ll see if the Tenuto works for me, and my next try is going to be the child size Tappert. If that doesn’t work, I may go at some DIY engineering to adapt one of them! Thanks again for all you do with these great reviews and the site in general.

  2. Fair comment about the ergo play’s. I use a stool on rank 1 and a Dynarette cushion as well.