Roland Dyens Playing Powell

Roland Dyens at GSI

The passing of Roland Dyens last week was not just a loss to the guitar scene, but also, to the world. Anyone who had met Dyens knows that beyond his fantastic playing the guy had a personality that could make anyone smile.  As a guitarist he was one of my favourite performers filling his concerts with virtuosity, musicality, humour, and always connecting with his audiences. Never pretentious, he would pick up a guitar at anytime and lay down some jazz riffs then immediately switch gears into the classical rep. He infused his playing with his personality making him fearless and unforgettable. He was a breath of fresh air in the stuffy world of classical concerts. Not to mention his contributions as composer, and arranger. Here he is playing  Berimbau by Baden Powell via Guitar Salon International via their YouTube. Recorded live at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA. Guitar: 1947 Robert Bouchet.

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