Tal Hurwitz plays I. Allegretto from Sonatina by Berkeley


tal-hurwitzI’m always on the lookout for players I haven’t heard. Tal Hurwitz recently placed second at the Boston 2013 competition. Here he plays the excellent first movement from Lennox Berkley‘s Sonatina. Really nice video too, multiple angles and everything. Great performance too, super clean and articulate with a glassy clear but nice tone.


Video Link & Quote: http://youtu.be/G3YDnSFZ45Q

Tal Hurwitz plays L.Berkeley sonatina 1st mov. Allegretto
Mozarteum, Salzburg . 25/09/2011
Audio: Ronny Wiesauer
Cameras and video editing: Itay Goldstein
Cameras: Ovidiu Gramesc


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