Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens for Classical Guitar

Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens (1955–2016) for Classical Guitar
Tango en Skaï (1985), is one of Dyens’ best-known pieces, it encompasses all the fun and great writing that comes with Dyens. “Skaï” is a French slang term for imitation leather and here refers to the gauchos (cowboys) of Argentina and southern Brazil who are known for their leather outfits. Particularly interesting, Dyens states that the performer should feel free to improvise a little: “and if by some happy chance some extra, unwritten notes should stray uninvited into this tango, I’ll bet my last peso that the composer would welcome them with open arms…” You can also check out this great write up via CGM about the piece.

Recommended Sheet Music (Amazon): Tango and Skai by Dyens

Video Performances

Sanel Redžić plays Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens (1955–2016). This comes via the Paris Guitar Foundation and their YouTube channel. The PGF Series, directed by Augustin Pesnon, showcases guitarists with quality videos. For this one, Redžić recorded and mastered the audio himself. Cool shots of Paris too! Always love hearing Redžić play with his nice mix of musical but direct style.

Thomas Viloteau plays the iconic Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens, with whom he studied with in Paris. You can grab the sheet music via Amazon.com, it’s a fun piece and not outrageously difficult (although Viloteau gives us all a run for money of course). Really zippy performance and clean but understated in a few spots which is fun. Would love to see more improvised additions to the score as Dyens mentions in his write-up that adding to it is encouraged. You can see Dyens himself play it via this youtube link.

Spanish guitarist Andrea González Caballero plays Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens (1955–2016). This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars in Germany and their YouTube.

Roland Dyens himself! This comes via Gitaarsalon (Netherlands) and their YouTube not long before his passing. He’ll be missed by the entire guitar community.

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