The Gravity of Ms. Peters by Bret Williams


bret-williams-ensembleThe Gravity of Ms. Peters by Bret Williams with Mark Dover, Clarinet. Matt Aprea, violin. Bret Williams, guitar. Marc Schmied, Bass. I quite like this ensemble work which is very playful. Reminds of something Kronos would be playing. Maybe some African musical influence in there? Fantastic piece and playing!

Bret, if you’re seeing this tell us more about the piece via comments below.

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  1. Hi guys!
    Thanks for having me on Bradford. This video just came out today as part of a promo package in the works. It is part of a video, album, and updated website due to be out by the end of the week. However, your intrepid host Bradford was able to dig it out first thing. My new album features music for Quartet (Clarinet, Violin, Guitar and Bass). I wrote all of the pieces and worked with the best guys in New York to bring it to fruition. There is another video that came out today called I Remember Dancing.
    I was a pretty competitive soloist and duo player until I was diagnosed with focal dystonia in 2012. I gave myself a year to do nothing but try and get better, but on the anniversary of my diagnosis, I decided to move on without the use of my right hand ring finger. As a result I composed pieces I could play using only my thumb, middle and index fingers. I thought I could use some help in the texture department and recruited countless others who came and went. I finally settled on this group, and the results were stellar.
    Another thing I did was to start a podcast called Classical Guitar Insider. I’ve interviewed about 45 guitarist over the course of about a year and a half. It’s funny and irreverent and features some of the biggest names in our industry with Adam Holzman coming out this Friday. You can go to to purchase the album. To check out all 44 of my free podcast episodes go to Thanks again for having me on and keep up the good work Bradford. I’d love to have you on the show.

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