Aaron Larget-Caplan plays John Cage

Some nice arrangements of Cage for guitar and violin. Pretty successful arrangements, the contrast of the attack on the guitar and dreamy melody fragments on the violin create a nice mood.

Six Melodies by John Cage, Sharan Leventhal – violin, Aaron Larget-Caplan – guitar

Six Melodies for violin and keyboard by John Cage, arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan
Premiere performance, The Boston Conservatory, Feb. 22, 2013
2 @ 2:55
3 @ 4:50
4 @ 7:20
5 @ 9:40
6 @ 11:35
Sharan Leventhal, violin
Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar

Video Link: http://youtu.be/ItyE1mL7nOY

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