Christina Sandsengen Plays Barrios

Christina Sandsengen

Earlier this year I reviewed Christina Sandsengen‘s fantastic new album Shades and Contrasts and now she has released this great high quality video. Here she is playing Preludio Saudade’ from ‘La Catedral’ by Agustín Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944). Top marks for the video location, beautiful setting. Spliced footage: why not, time to compete with the pop world in terms of album promo as opposed to only live footage. She included this small write-up when she let me know about the video:

Classical guitar is the key to my unconscious world of emotions, where I explore the contrasts and shades of life. This voice is for me the natural voice of the guitar, to which I was unstoppably drawn twelve years ago as a reflection of my own, and which, between my fingers and its frets, continues to resonate with my innermost feelings throughout all the vicissitudes and joys of my experience. In Preludio Saudade I dwell in sorrow, and therefore I choose to record this music video in the mausoleum ‘Tomba Emmanuelle’ in the Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum in Oslo, Norway. The mausoleum is a dark, barrel-vaulted room, completely covered with fresco paintings. The fresco paintings is named Vita (Life) and depicts human life from conception till death.

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