Sanel Redzic Plays Estilo Uruguayo by Barrios

Sanel Redžić performs Estilo Uruguayo (Luz Mala – Poemeto Regional) by Agustin Barrios Mangore (1885-1944). This comes via Redžić’s YouTube channel. Beautiful performance by Redzic with excellent phrasing and pacing throughout this exploratory melodic work. He has a little bit of info on the piece in his description which I’ve included below but there is also a small writeup at the end of Stover’s collected works of Barrios.

There are two pieces from Barrios called “Luz Mala”, the real one and a “faked” piece. In short: Barrios had a date with his publishing company. He had to deliver a new piece at that time, titled as “Luz Mala” in his contract. But—he met a lady friend, talked with her and did forget his handwritten score in a taxi. So his new piece, an “Estilo Uruguayo”, subtitled with “Poemito Regional”, the real “Luz Mala” was not available. Not to get into trouble with his publishing company, Barrios delivered a not very important piece in F major he had in mind or at hand as the new “Luz Mala”. Luz Mala (evil light), a mythical light, seen by night, is a scare story from Argentina and Uruguay.

via Redžić’s YouTube


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  1. He’s a terrific player. What is it with all the great players from the Balkans lately–something in the water?