2016 Dominelli Double Top Guitar


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2- 2016- Marcus Dominelli - angleThis is a new feature on the site: I try out brand new guitars and when I really like the instrument I demo it and recommend it to potential buyers. It’s a win-win situation for the buyer. Instead of blindly ordering a new guitar, you can be assured of its quality and aesthetics as well as get my stamp of approval before you purchase it. It’s also just a fun way to learn about guitars and see some pretty pictures too! Final sale through the luthier.

Brand New 2016 Double Top Guitar by Marcus Dominelli

  • Top: Spruce-Inner/Nomex/Cedar-Outer
  • Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
  • 630mm scale (shorter scale length)
  • Bridge Indian Rosewood, Honduran rosewood binding and armrest, Ebony head plate
  • Spanish cedar neck, Macasser ebony fingerboard, V-jointed headstock
  • Elevated fingerboard, Soundport w/magnetic cover
  • Gotoh 510 tuners w/frictionless rollers
  • This guitar was built to Marcus’s own ideals. Not a commission.
  • Price: $7000 Canadian (includes hardshell case)
  • Questions for me: Bradford Werner (bradford@thisisclassicalguitar.com)
  • Info or purchase info: Marcus Dominelli (marcus@dominelliguitars.com)

YouTube Video Demo

When watching you can click the cog button on the lower right and turn on full HD
YouTube Video Link: https://youtu.be/wEd4mjcOqrc

Photo Gallery

1 - 2016- Marcus Dominelli - Full

2- 2016- Marcus Dominelli - angle

3-2016- Marcus Dominelli - back

4-2016- Marcus Dominelli - armrest

5-2016- Marcus Dominelli -armrest

6-2016- Marcus Dominelli - Top

7-2016- Marcus Dominelli -full

8-2016- Marcus Dominelli -top

9-2016- Marcus Dominelli -back

10-2016- Marcus Dominelli -back

11-2016- Marcus Dominelli -sides

12-2016- Marcus Dominelli -elevated

13-2016- Marcus Dominelli -side

14-2016- Marcus Dominelli - Rosette

15-2016- Marcus Dominelli -head

16-2016- Marcus Dominelli -head

17-2016- Marcus Dominelli -head

18-2016- Marcus Dominelli -bridge

19-2016- Marcus Dominelli -label

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