Hannah Murphy Plays Hungarian Fantasy by Mertz

Hungarian Fantasy Op. 65 No. 1 by Johann Kaspar Mertz performed by classical guitarist Hannah Murphy on a Altamira Vienna guitar. This comes via her YouTube channel. Great playing by Hannah Murphy with some beautiful phrasing. I’ve been following her online for awhile and she’s had some great content lately from tutorials to performance videos. Check out her Instagram where she is very active and supportive of the guitar community. I was also very interested in this Stauffer replica that she is playing. It’s made fairly cheaply ($2500) by a guitar company named Altamira, they have a whole Historical Series of guitars. I thought the original Stauffer’s had slightly raised fingerboards but maybe not all of them. Wiki:

The “Viennese guitar” as built by Johann Georg Stauffer is a gut string guitar with a curved back, narrower waist and bridge pins. In 1822 Stauffer and Johann Ertl received an imperial commission for improvement of the guitar, focusing on the extension of the fingerboard, above (not attached to) the soundboard, the development of machine heads and the use of embedded metal frets.

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