Favourite Guitar Supports for Classical Guitar

A review of three of the best guitar supports I use on a regular basis and why. I’ve done so many reviews of supports over the years that people are regularly asking which ones are my favourites. Truth is, they are all good but depending on your preferences one will be more useful than another.

I mainly use three supports: GuitarLift for performance, Ergoplay for general use, Gitano for on-the-go. I’d put the HB Lite support close in there too. Heres the Youtube Review Link.

Main Guitar Supports

The three main supports I mention in the video with links to my past reviews:

  • GuitarLift (Review) – I use this for performance. It’s secure and solid and never falls off, I trust it completely. Maybe because of the angle or less stress on the suction cups, they never seem to come off. It has no maneuverability once attached but that is kind of perfect for high level performance (for me anyway). This is the only support besides the HB that I fully trust in performance. But this rigid support is not for everyone and isn’t small either. I highly recommend this one for professional players.
  • Ergoplay (Amazon) – Recommended for most students, I currently like the Tröster model but the Tappert model is simple, affordable, and readily available. It’s a good first support and easy to use. I use it for practice and teaching as it’s easy to switch legs and use at various angles. I don’t always trust the suctions but they are pretty good. It’s the most logic choice for the average person so choose this one if you don’t know which support you should get.
  • Gitano (Amazon) – Small and compact, simple design. I love this little support for on-the-run rehearsals and for the low profile and ease of use. I just love this little thing so much. But the suctions have come off on rare occasions. If you like this but want something more secure, try the HB Lite support below. I recommend this as an option to have around but not as your primary support.

Update: I’ve also really been enjoying the newer Murata GR-1 with suction cups.

Other Great Guitar Supports

  • HB Supports (Review) – The clamps work well. The HB Lite has all the benefits of the Gitano but the security of a clamp-on device. That said, suction cups are convenient and are easy on your finish but clamps are more trustworthy.
  • Tenuto (Tenuto.ca) – These are great but I just haven’t found one that is perfect for my smaller guitar. Lots of my friends and students have these and are very happy with them. More adjustable than the Gitano.
  • Sageworks Magnetic Support (Review) – So cool, looks the best, best design! But I can’t be bothered with the magnets, I don’t even know why because they work great.
  • Mundo (Review) – If you want maneuverability plus security this might be perfect for you.

FYI, the non-adhesive protective and suction enhancing vinyl material I mention in the video is a non-guitar one called Grafix ClingViynl. I’ve used it on French polish and polyurethane finishes but I’ve been told not to use on lacquer finishes so use at your own risk, ask your luthier or maker. Also, I often use a black cloth/foam on my right leg to keep the guitar from slipping, just a basic Shelf Liner


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  1. After trying out a few types of supports I discovered a very effective option that’s super-cheap, if not free if you already have some in your home: that thin waffly rubbery material used to keep rugs in place, and for shelves, too, I think. I place a small piece on my left thigh and — voilà — my guitar stays in place because the material grips on both sides.

  2. What’s wrong with the good old fashioned footstool? I know it’s supposed to be bad for posture, and all that entails, but I’ve used this as my only support for more than 50 years, and never had any problems. I have a nice wooden four legged stool, and it’s perfect – looks cool too.

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with the footstool. It’s not as ergonomic but plenty comfortable for many people. I have completely switched over because I just feel better with guitar supports, more open and free, and I end up with better posture. But of course it’s all player preference.

  3. I have tried a lot of supports. What I settled on is a good old-fashioned guitar strap. I tested it first with my beater guitar, a Cordoba three-quarter size. I took it to the guitar shop, The Blue Guitar in San Diego, and had them put strap pins on. I bought a $10 guitar strap from them and tried it out. I love it. Then I took my good guitar and had them put strap pins on that. Perfect. You can adjust the guitar position very easily. It is far and away the most secure method I know. You should try it, but I know 99.9% of guitarists will never consider a guitar strap.

    • Ya, straps are good but I can’t get the right position for myself with a normal sized guitar. With a smaller 19th century guitar it feels good to me. Also, I don’t know if I could bring myself to drill into my guitar!