Christus der ist mein Leben BWV 282 by Bach

Marta Paklar (soprano), Sofia Gvirts (alto), João Moreira (tenor), Matthew Baker (bass), and Mike Fentross (theorbo) perform the chorale ‘Christus der ist mein Leben’ from BWV 282 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes from the absolutely amazing Netherlands Bach Society and their YouTube from their project All of Bach. Constantly posting the most amazing Bach performances, it’s one of my most watched YouTube channels. They wrote this description of the work: “…starts off like a ‘normal’ chorale: the melody in the upper voice, with the other voices below in more or less the same rhythm. But on reaching the word ‘sterben’, the voices suddenly become individual in a series of expressive chords. It seems as if Bach’s interpretation of the words makes the simple chorale form burst at the seams. This creates an extremely expressive effect.”

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