Runar Kjeldsberg Plays Etude No.9 by Charles Doisy

Runar Kjeldsberg plays Etude No.9 en Sol Mineur by Charles Doisy (fl. ? – 1806/7) on a 19th century guitar by Gennaro Fabricatore (1830). This comes via his YouTube channel where he’s recorded a number of other works by Doisy, subscribe to him for more. Great playing by Kjeldsberg filled with some beautiful pacing and bursts of virtuosity.

I’m quite impressed with Doisy etudes for whom I was unfamiliar with. As Kjeldsberg mentions on his Youtube, “Charles Doisy was a five string guitar virtuoso, that passed away in Paris in 1807. His method Principe Généraux de la Guitare contains lots of valuable information about performance practice of music written in his times. In the back of Principes Généraux there are 14 Etudes pour la Guitare (studies for the guitar). I found them very interesting both technically and musically. Not only are they good studies, they also tells us a lot about what Charles Doisy thought was important to work on to become a good musician…”

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