Classical Guitar Supports: Tenuto, Gitano, Murata, Sagework, Amy’s, ErgoPlay, Cushion, GuitarLift

Video Timings: Why Use 0:58; Suction Cups 2:55; Gitano 4:52; Tenuto (Lite and Slim) 7:40; Amy’s 14:00, ErgoPlay 15:56; Murata 19:40; Sagework 24:16; Cushion 29:05; GuitarLift 29:35; Conclusions 30:16. You can jump via a link on the YouTube Link.

An in-depth review of classical guitar supports and rests including the footstool, Gitano Guitar Support, Tenuto Guitar Support (Lite and Slim models), Amy’s Handmade Guitar Supports, Murata Guitar Support, Sagework Magnetic Guitar Support, ErgoPlay Guitar Rest. I briefly mention The Cushion, Guitarlift but I don’t own them. I also discuss why guitar supports are useful and how to help the suction cups stick. The suction cup helpers and protectors I mention are: Kling-On Static Protectors and much cheaper Grafix ClingViynl which is working for me so far. I’ve used it on French polish and polyurethane finishes but I’ve been told not to use on lacquer finishes so use at your own risk, ask your luthier or maker.

Also see my full review page for guitar supports.

Top picks: Tenuto Slim, Gitano, Sagework.

Quick Reviews:

  • Gitano – So compact and minimal, I love mine and have used it for years. It’s so small that I always grab it for practice or rehearsal.
  • Tenuto Slim – This is more adjustable than the Gitano and super comfortable, a new favourite. Better overall.
  • Tenuto Lite – Four suction cups are better than one bit I still the like the above two better (I don’t really know why, personal preference).
  • Amy’s Handmade – Nice, and made of wood.
  • Ergoplay Guitar Support – A bit bulky but actually feels very good and supported. Gravity is on your side if a suction comes off. World’s most popular.
  • Murata – Love it, super secure. Doesn’t work on raised fingerboard guitars though. I saw a suction-cup version of this recently that would work though.
  • Sagework – Magnets, awesome design, the best, great solution. This is the Apple of guitar supports.
  • Cushion – Simple, bulky, but uncomplicated and it works. I can’t deal with it but people love them.
  • GuitarLift – Bulky but stylish, I don’t own one but people have said good things. I will review in the future if I get one.
  • Footstool – Reliable and secure, classic. I still perform with footstools.

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