Moran Wasser Plays Bach – 11 String Guitar

Moran Wasser plays the Prélude from Cello Suite No.6, BWV 1012 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) on an 11 String Guitar. This comes via his YouTube channel. Just add more strings. Going from a cello work for 4 strings to an 11 string guitar is quite the arrangement but always interesting to hear the harmonic possibilities. Wasser has a number of other composers and works on his YouTube that worth checking out if you need inspiration for a new instrument! I would love to tackle some Weiss on this. Wait for his extravagant cadenzas/flourishes later on, not sure I’m 100% on board but he goes for it so thumbs up to him.

Also see a cello performance for context performed by Matt Haimovitz via CBC on YouTube.

Sheet Music & Lessons for Bach on the Site

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