Tips and Advice for Beginner Classical Guitarists

Tips and Advice for Beginner Classical Guitarists
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This video is part of my free online curriculum at the lesson archive page. This is a lesson for beginner classical guitarists. We’ve already looked at the sitting position, left and right hand technique, so now I just want to give a few words of advice before you move on to more lessons. Below the video you’ll see the list of tips I mention in the video. Find more articles at the Lesson Archive Page. For free lessons, sheet music, and pro videos join the Email Newsletter. Help support the site & free lessons by Sharing, Caring, and Subscribing.

More Tips for Beginners
Repeat these tips to your teacher each week until completely memorized.

General Advice

  • Music is special so always play thoughtfully and with musical feeling
  • Music is easy but requires daily practice to improve
  • Enjoy fixing your mistakes and solving problems
  • End each practice session with a piece you can play well

Practice Tips

  • Practicing is problem solving (not just playing)
  • Always check your technique before playing
  • Carefully consider fingering and instructions before playing
  • Practice the music slowly at first (half speed or less)
  • Practice difficult parts slowly and repeatedly in small sections

Sitting Position (see full article)

  • The head of the guitar is at eye level (guitar is at 45º angle)
  • Feet flat on the ground and footstool
  • Face of guitar straight up and down (not angled back)
  • Relax shoulders and neck

Right Arm & Hand (see full article)

  • Right arm touches the guitar just in front of the elbow
  • Right wrist is straight with a relaxed arch
  • Right hand plays above the rosette
  • Right hand fingers move into the palm, not up and away
  • Right hand thumb is in front of the fingers

Left Arm & Hand (see full article)

  • Left wrist is straight, not over-extended
  • Left palm and knuckles are parallel with the strings
  • Left hand thumb is vertical and behind 2nd finger
  • Left hand fingers are curved and on fingertips
  • Left hand fingers play very close to the fret

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